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Re: Would it make sense to add `--depth=0` feature?

From: "ankostis" <ankostis@xxxxxxxxx>
Would it be feasible/sensical to support clone/fetch with --depth=0?
The point is to download the tags/commit objects but not the actual
trees and blobs,
creating a "ledger" acting as a promise for the remote'e repo content?

Is there some estimation of the effort required to do such thing?


I think that the desire is reasonable, but that it doesn't match the shallow clone idea. I think you are asking for a 'Narrow' clone where there is some form of exclusion of the blobs and trees that attach to the commit objects (at the various depths of commit graph walking).

There is some work on-going at the moment for various types of sparse download (look for "lazy objects" and "partial clone" on the list archive https://public-inbox.org/git/?q=) to see if you can help with ensuring that the methods will be useful to you.
(I'm interested too!)