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Re: [PATCH v3 2/5] interpret-trailers: add an option to show only the trailers

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 11:28:52AM -0700, Stefan Beller wrote:
>> > +test_expect_success 'only trailers' '
>> > +       git config trailer.sign.command "echo config-value" &&
>> You may want to use 'test_config' here, which keeps the config
>> only for one test. The subsequent tests seem to overwrite the
>> config, so this is not wrong, just not the best style.
> Yeah, I actually considered that but decided to keep style with the rest
> of the script. I agree the whole thing could possibly switch to
> test_config, but I suspect there may be some fallouts (the style of the
> rest of the script seems to assume some continuity between the tests).

I agree with your judgment here.  As you said in the "use tool to
enforce consistent style" thread, sometimes humans need to apply
better taste than mechanical tooling could, and I view this one of a
good example.  

Even though this is not a C coding-style thing, but the essense of
the problem is the same.  That is one of the reasons why I earlier
said that we may see more style-only critique to patches if we
introduce a new tool without setting the expectation of what we want
to get out of such a tool straight.