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Re: [RFC] clang-format: outline the git project's coding style

>> I'm sure both of these things will probably happen if we decide to make
>> use of a code-formatter.  This RFC is really just trying to ask the
>> question: "Is this something we want to entertain doing?"
>> My response would be 'Yes' but there's many other opinions to consider
>> first :)

Mine would be 'Yes', too.

> I am sure that something even better will be possible: a Continuous
> "Integration" that fixes the coding style automatically by using
> `filter-branch` (avoiding the merge conflicts that would arise if `rebase
> -i` was used).

I do not quite follow. Is that to be used by Junio while integrating branches?

By the wording it doesn't sound like you think of a one-time shot to be
used in the transition phase from now to a clean future, but the "CI" would
run continually on all new patches?