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Re: [PATCH] t1200: remove t1200-tutorial.sh

Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Correction: the tutorial is now called gitcore-tutorial and mostly
> survives.  A search for -p --root failed because of v1.5.5.1~19^2
> (core-tutorial.txt: Fix showing the current behaviour, 2008-04-10).

Yeah, I was wondering why neither of you find it while reading your
exchanges on a phone.

> That said, the conclusion that this test has mostly bitrotted as far
> as its original purpose goes still applies.
> An alternative method of addressing the goal you described would be to
> fuzz object-id shaped things out of the sample output.  I don't have a
> strong preference, given how little this test contributes to coverage
> (as you mentioned) and how difficult it is to make it continue to
> match the documentation it is trying to test.
> Thanks and sorry for the confusion,

OK, so can one of you give the final version of the patch with
updated description?

It _would_ be nice to have an executable tutorial/documentation or
docs with built-in tests like some other systems have, but I realize
that it would be a different matter.  We'd need some toolchain to
mark up tests in our tutorial, extract and run them, and compare the
result, which we currently do not have and it won't fit under our
test framework very well anyway.