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Re: [RFC] imap-send: escape backslash in password

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> I think we're not quite ready to switch to curl based on comments in the
> nearby thread. But just for reference, since I started looking into
> this...
> The defines in the Makefile turn on USE_CURL_FOR_IMAP_SEND want curl
> 7.34.0. That's only from 2013, which is probably recent enough that it
> may cause a problem (I had originally thought it was a few years older,
> but I forgot the curl version hex encoding; 072200 is 7.34.0).
> For comparison, nothing older than curl 7.19.4 will work for building
> Git since v2.12.0, as we added some unconditional uses of CURLPROTO_*
> there. Nobody seems to have noticed or complained. I pointed this out a
> few months ago[1] and suggested we clean up some of the more antiquated
> #if blocks in http.c that don't even build. There was some complaint
> that we should keep even these ancient versions working, but the
> compile error is still in "master".
> So it's not clear to me that anybody cares about going that far back
> (which is mid-2009), but I'd guess that 2013 might cause some problems.
> [1] https://public-inbox.org/git/20170404025438.bgxz5sfmrawqswcj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/
>     if you're curious (you were offline for a while at that time, I
>     think).

Thanks for digging.  It would not help the issue on this thread at
all.  While I agree with your conclusion in the quoted thread:

    I think it might be nice to declare a "too old" version, though,
    just so we can stop adding _new_ ifdefs. Maybe 7.11.1 is that
    version now, and in another few years we can bump to 7.16.0. :)

it appears that we silently declared it to 7.19.4 and found out that
nobody complained, without us having to wait for a few years?