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Re: [PATCH] Drop some dashes from built-in invocations in scripts

Hi Junio,

I feel a bit talked to my hand, as the only reply I was graced was a "I
think I already did". So this will be my last reply on this matter for a

On Mon, 7 Aug 2017, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> IIUC, you will need "$GIT_EXEC_PATH/git-checkout" on the filesystem if
> you want your "git co" alias to work, as we spawn built-in as a dashed
> external.

And of course this is just the status quo, not an argument why it should
be so for eternity. Because that would be circular reasoning and prevent
us from improving things.

It is still arguably wrong to call the dashed form for builtins when we
already have enough information at our hands to tell that it is a builtin:


Granted, this duplicates code a little, as it was developed under time
pressure (and it is necessary to allow the test suite to be run on Git
built in Visual Studio using an installed Git for Windows for the Unix
utilities). As above, though, the current state of this patch does not
prevent any improvement in the future.