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Re: [PATCH] Fix delta integer overflows

Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> writes:

>> The patch obviously makes the code better and self consistent in
>> that "struct delta_index" has src_size as ulong, and this function
>> takes trg_size as ulong, and it was plain wrong for the code to
>> assume that "i", which is uint, can receive it safely.
>> In the longer term we might want to move to size_t or even
>> uintmax_t, as the ulong on a platform may not be long enough in
>> order to express the largest file size the platform can have, but
>> this patch (1) is good even without such a change, and (2) gives a
>> good foundation to build on if we want such a change on top.
>> Thanks.  Will queue.
> This is sad. There is no "may not be long enough". We already know a
> platform where unsigned long is not long enough, don't we? Why leave this
> patch in this intermediate state?

This is a good foundation to build on, and I never said no further
update on top of this patch is desired.  Look for "(2)" in what you