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RE: reftable [v5]: new ref storage format

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> From: Shawn Pearce [mailto:spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> In git-core, I'm worried about the caveats related to locking. Git tries to work
> nicely on NFS, and it seems LMDB wouldn't. Git also runs fine on a read-only
> filesystem, and LMDB gets a little weird about that. Finally, Git doesn't have
> nearly the risks LMDB has about a crashed reader or writer locking out future
> operations until the locks have been resolved. This is especially true with shared
> user repositories, where another user might setup and own the semaphore.

FWIW, git has problems with stale lock file in the event of a crash (refs/foo.lock 
might still exist, and git does nothing to clean it up).

In my testing (which involved a *lot* of crashing), I never once had to clean up a
stale LMDB lock.  That said, I didn't test on a RO filesystem.