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Re: [RFC] imap-send: escape backslash in password

On Aug 04 2017, Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is the quoting rules documented somewhere?  If so, please also give
> a reference to it here.  RFC3501 "6.2.3 LOGIN Command" does not say
> much (other parts of the RFC may specify the rules that apply to
> arguments in general, but I didn't look for them).  Without such
> reference, it is hard to judge if this change is sufficient or even
> correct (in an extreme case, the IMAP server you are talking with
> that prompted you to make this change might be in violation).
> For example, FRC3501 "9. Formal Syntax" says that both "password"
> and "userid" are "astring"; it looks strange that the code with this
> patch only touches cred.password while sending cred.username as-is.

astring         = ... / string
string          = quoted / ...
quoted          = DQUOTE *QUOTED-CHAR DQUOTE
QUOTED-CHAR     = <any TEXT-CHAR except quoted-specials> /
                  "\" quoted-specials
quoted-specials = DQUOTE / "\"

Thus the quoting applies to any element that is a string (and a double
quote needs to be quoted as well).


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