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Re: Cloning an specific commit from the hash

Alejandro Aguila <aguilasainz@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I've been working with Oscomo's project OpenBSC
> https://github.com/osmocom/openbsc and my old hardware won't work with
> the latest version, which is 0.15. So I asked for help to osmocom guys
> and there's someone who told me that his version is working with the
> same hardware I have, so have gave me the OpenBSC hash for it (
> 7f100c9712de5c684462e809bf31a58c0c326337 ).
> To be honest I don't use git more apart of cloning repos, so I would
> like to know how can I pull the files for that hash. And since OpenBSC
> has some dependencies that are in osmocom's github repo, I don't know
> if I can get the version that worked for the one committed in the
> hash.

When a user of a project that uses Git says "try this version"
without telling you on which branch that version appears, that
statement typically means that anybody who clones that project
would get the commit, i.e.

    $ git clone https://github.com/.../openbsc
    $ cd openbsc
    $ git checkout 7f100c9712de

This will give you a checkout without being on any named branch,
which would be sufficient for you to build; if you want further work
on top of that commit, you might want to do the last step more like

    $ git checkout -b mybranch 7f100c9712de

If you are not developing at all, then starting at this URL


and clicking around, you should be able to find this URL


which would presumably give you a Zip archive that contains the
files in that particular commit.