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Re: Keeping a non-1:1 mirror in sync and keeping private branches

On 07/16/17 12:10, Jeff King wrote:
>>    This seems to accomplish everything I want except that the the "git
>> push" deletes any branches I have created on my self-hosted
>> repository.
> A mirrored push is basically:
>   - push all refs, i.e., a "+refs/*:refs/*" refspec
>   - enable --prune, to delete any branches that don't exist on the local
>     side
> But you can do those two things separately if you like.  So your options
> are either:
>   1. Drop the pruning (in which case deleted branches from the sync may
>      accumulate, but depending on the patterns that may or may not be a
>      problem).

   I don't think that's a problem.  Or rather, I'd be willing to try it
and see if it becomes a problem.

   That said; does "drop the pruning" mean simply removing "--prune"
from the remove update?  I did that, but it still deletes my test-branch
on push.  Is there an implicit pruning happening due to some
configuration option or the specific commands I'm using?

>   2. Use two different namespaces for the synced branches and the
>      private ones (e.g., refs/mirror/* in addition to your branches in
>      refs/heads/*). The obvious downside is that anybody cloning your
>      downstream mirror doesn't pick up refs/mirror unless they configure
>      that refspec explicitly.
   This sounds very useful.  How would one go about setting up this

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson