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Re: Keeping a non-1:1 mirror in sync and keeping private branches

On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 02:59:23AM +0200, Jan Danielsson wrote:

>    This seems to accomplish everything I want except that the the "git
> push" deletes any branches I have created on my self-hosted
> repository.

A mirrored push is basically:

  - push all refs, i.e., a "+refs/*:refs/*" refspec

  - enable --prune, to delete any branches that don't exist on the local

But you can do those two things separately if you like.  So your options
are either:

  1. Drop the pruning (in which case deleted branches from the sync may
     accumulate, but depending on the patterns that may or may not be a

  2. Use two different namespaces for the synced branches and the
     private ones (e.g., refs/mirror/* in addition to your branches in
     refs/heads/*). The obvious downside is that anybody cloning your
     downstream mirror doesn't pick up refs/mirror unless they configure
     that refspec explicitly.