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Re: [L10N] Kickoff of translation for Git 2.14.0 round 1

Le 15/07/2017 à 07:06, Jiang Xin a écrit :
> Hi,
> Git v2.14.0-rc0 has been released, and it's time to start new round of git l10n.
> This time there are 30+ updated messages need to be translated since last
> update:
>     l10n: git.pot: v2.14.0 round 1 (34 new, 23 removed)
>     Generate po/git.pot from v2.14.0-rc0 for git v2.14.0 l10n round 1.
>     Signed-off-by: Jiang Xin <worldhello.net@xxxxxxxxx>
> You can get it from the usual place:
>     https://github.com/git-l10n/git-po/
> As how to update your XX.po and help to translate Git, please see
> "Updating a XX.po file" and other sections in “po/README" file.
> --
> Jiang Xin
Hi all,

A few remarks on i18n:

 * commit cb71f8bdb5 ("PRItime: introduce a new "printf format" for
timestamps") does not play well with i18n framework. The static string
concatenation cannot be correctly interpreted by msgmerge. I don't know
how we can combine variable format indicators with translatable strings.

 * commit 4ddb1354e8 ("status: contextually notify user about an initial
commit") plays sentence lego while introducing colorization which again
does not play well with i18n.

Thank you.