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[FEATURE] git-commit option to prepend filename to commit message


I had an idea for a feature for git commit that I wanted to pass along and see if maybe others would also think this would be useful.

Very often, I make commits that affect a single file, and have simple commit messages of this form:

    <filename>: <what changed>

The feature would be a command line option for git commit that would automatically prepend the "<filename>: " to the commit message.  The different cases of its behavior could be:

 - commit affecting a single file, with commit message given by -m:

   : prepend "<filename>: " to the message given by -m

 - commit affecting a single file, with commit message from editor:

   : pre-fill commit message template with "<filename>: "

 - commit affecting multiple files:

   : use common base directory of all affected files for <filename>, behaviors as above for use with -m or editor.

Anybody think that this or something like it would be a good convenience?

Thank you,

John Foerch