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Re: "groups of files" in Git?

Just a small update/fixup:

On 14/07/2017 00:39, Igor Djordjevic wrote:
> I guess it would be a kind of alias to doing:
>     $ git checkout featureA
>     $ git add ...
>     $ git commit
>     $ git checkout master
>     $ git reset --hard HEAD^
>     $ git merge featureA featureB

This should, in fact, be:    
    $ git checkout featureA
    $ git commit
    $ git checkout master
    $ git reset --hard HEAD^
    $ git merge <HEAD@{1} parents>
(removed "git add" step, as that is needed for proposed single step 
solution as well, as a usual step preceding the commit; also replaced 
concrete branch names in the last step with a more generic 
description, better communicating real intent)

> In the same manner, it should be possible to drop a commit from the 
> feature branch in a single step, for example returning to the state 
> as shown in (1), or even "port" it from one branch to the other, like
> this (without a need for it to be the last commit, even):
> (3)      o---o---o---\ (featureA)
>         /             \
>     ---o---o---o-------M' (master, HEAD)
>         \             /
>          o---o---A'--o (featureB)

Here, the diagram should look like this:

(3)      o---o---o---\ (featureA)
        /             \
    ---o---o---o-------M'' (master, HEAD)
        \             /
         o---o---A''-o (featureB)

(replaced leftover M' from the previous diagram with M'' to show it`s 
yet another (updated) merge commit, different from both M and M' in 
terms of SHA1, yet the contents would probably, but not necessarily, 
be the same for all three; same for leftover A', replaced with A'')