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Re: Reducing redundant build at Travis?

Lars Schneider <larsxschneider@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 1:44 AM, Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I usually try to stay as late as possible to finish all the
>> integration branches in order before pushing out the result; it is
>> more efficient to be able to batch things (for humans).
>> I however noticed that This often means we would have multiple build
>> jobs at Travis for branches and builds on Windows often fails
> The Windows build has some kind of problem since June 22.
> Somehow building gitk-git just blocks the build and waits until
> the timeout. I had no time, yet, to investigate this further.
>> waiting for its response.  Since I tagged the tip of 'maint', and I
>> wanted to give all the build a fair chance to succeed without other
>> build jobs starving it of resources, I pushed out 'maint' and the
>> tag before others, even though I already have all the other
>> integration branches ready.
>> Unfortunately, https://travis-ci.org/git/git/builds/ shows that it
>> does not care if it spawned a job to build the tip of 'maint' and
>> another for 'v2.13.3' that point at the same thing.
> That is indeed suprising and wasteful. Looks like other people
> did run into the same issue. How about something like this?
> https://github.com/mockito/mockito/blob/release/2.x/.travis.yml#L26-L29

That unfortunately is exactly what I wanted to avoid.

We'd want to test tagged releases, and we'd want to test usual
updates to integration branches.  It just is that sometimes the tips
of integration branches happen to be at the tagged release, so I'd
prefer to always build tags but skip a branch build if it happens to
be also tagged.  After all, none of the integration branches may
directly point at a tagged release when the tag is pushed out.