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Re: [PATCH] RFC: Introduce '.gitorderfile'

Stefan Beller <sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 2. collaboration.
>     When I want to review a patch from the mailing list,
>     I could (a) download the patch, apply locally, see the diff
>     formatted nicely according to diff.orderFile.

If you are not doing a review of a patch with complex changes that
benefits by a local diff.orderfile (i.e. only in the mail client
without applying and viewing the changes in wider context), then you
either (1) have a much greater memory than I do and know all the
code outside the patch context by heart, or (2) not reviewing them
properly in context.

I tend to suspect that it is the latter case, so that argument does
not sound convincing at least to me.

No, I do not apply all patches before commenting from my mailbox; a
one or two-pager patch can often be viewed and judged without much
surrounding context, and can be answered in the mail client, perhaps
while running "less" on some related files that may or may not be
touched by the patch in another terminal, without applying the
patch.  But such a one or two-pager patch can be viewed in any
presentation order and do not behefit much fro diff.orderfile