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Re: Dropping a merge from history -- rebase or filter-branch or ...?

Hi Martin,

>From the sound of it you really just want to revert the merge of the
pull requests. A really good description of options for this is at

There is also a section there about bringing the changes back in at a
future date, depending on how you do the revert.

Does that page describe what you're trying to do?


Andrew Ardill

On 8 July 2017 at 07:07, Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi git-folk!
> long time no see! I'm trying to do one of those "actually, please
> don't" things that turn out to be needed in the field.
> I need to open our next "for release" development branch from our
> master, but without a couple of disruptive feature branches, which
> have been merged into master already. We develop in github, so I'll
> call them Pull Requests (PRs) as gh does.
> So I'd like to run a filter-branch or git-rebase --interactive
> --preserve-merges that drops some PRs. Problem is, they don't work!
> filter-branch --commit-filter is fantastic, and gives me all the
> control I want... except that it will "skip the commit", but still use
> the trees in the later commits, so the code changes brought in by
> those commits I wanted to avoid will be there. I think the docs/help
> that discuss  "skip commit" should have a big warning there!
> rebase --interactive --preserve-merges  --keep-empty made a complete
> hash of things. Nonsense conflicts all over on the merge commits; I
> think it re-ran the merge without picking up the conflict resolutions
> we had applied.
> The changes we want to avoid are fairly localized -- a specific module
> got refactored in 3 stages. The rest of the history should replay
> cleanly. I don't want to delete the module.
> My fallback is a manually constructed revert. While still an option, I
> think it's better to have a clean stat without sizable feature-branch
> reverts.
> cheers,
> m
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