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Re: "groups of files" in Git?

I will choose a bit of a less diplomatic path here. Instead of trying to
tell you how you can make git fit your needs, I would say that you
shouldn't. I've two arguments:

It's always painful when you try to use a tool in some way it's not
intended or used to work. If you're doing something different than
anyone else using that tool, you're probably doing something wrong!

I doubt that your case is so special, so my suggestion is to either use
git the way most people use it, with one branch for each feature, or do
not use git at all, since perforce seems to be better with your

Git is a snapshot based SCM system. That means that each commit unique
identify a version of the code. With your system (as well as any time
you're not commiting all changed files) the commit is never tested.
You've no idea of actually knowing if your two changes is dependent or
not. Of course you can guess, but it's still a guess and in your current
work way with perforce you have no way of knowing if your changesets
have a dependency between eachother or not since you never test them


Please let me know if you feel that I've missed something.

I can see four solutions:

Now I would suggest that you have each feature in a commit and simply
run your tests every few commits so you don't have to run it for each

Improve your build and test time. I'm sure there's things here to

Continue to use perforce. If I recall correctly perforce has even a git
integration today.

Use integration branches in git and run the tests on that branch. This
can be easy todo if you write some scripts for it.

Good luck!

Fredrik Gustafsson

phone: +46 733-608274
e-mail: iveqy@xxxxxxxxx
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