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Re: Weirdness with git change detection

On 11/07/17 09:34, Jeff King wrote:
On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 12:31:25AM -0700, Peter Eckersley wrote:

I did try to test that hypothesis by editing the filter to be a no-op,
but it's possible I go that wrong. My apologies for bugging the list!

Actually I like this kind of feedback, to see how people are using Git,
including the problems they have.

No problem. I actually think it would be interesting if Git could
somehow detect and warn about this situation. But the obvious way to do
that would be to re-run the clean filter directly after checkout. And
doing that all the time is expensive.

Would it be possible to limit the round-trip-check to "git reset --hard" ?
If yes, possibly many users are willing to pay the price, if Git tells
the "your filters don't round-trip". (Including CRLF conversions)

Perhaps some kind of "lint" program would be interesting to warn of
possible misconfigurations. Of course people would have to run it for it
to be useful. :)

What do you have in mind here ?
Don't we need to run some content through the filter(s)?