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Re: bug: HEAD vs. head on case-insensitive filesystems

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 08:32:36PM -0700, Kenneth Hsu wrote:

> I'm not sure what the general consensus is regarding the use of "head"
> vs. "HEAD" on case insensitive filesystems, but it appears that some
> confusing behavior (bug?) may have arisen.

Generally, the advice on "head" is "don't". It's an accident that
it works at all, and as you noticed, there are odd corner cases. There
are similar oddities when mixing and matching case for other refnames on
case-insensitive filesystems, too.

I was going to point you to the recent thread in


but I see you already participated there. So if your mail here is
"here's a summary of how HEAD/head don't quite work", then OK, that
might be handy. But I think the ultimate resolution is not "let's make
them work", but "let's consistently enforce case-sensitivity in ref
names, regardless of the underlying filesystem".