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Re: Flurries of 'git reflog expire'

On Thu, 06 Jul 2017 10:01:05 +0000, Bryan Turner wrote:
> Do you know what version of Bitbucket Server is in use?

We're on the newest 4.x.

> - Run "git config gc.auto 0" in

Going that route.

> I also want to add that Bitbucket Server 5.x includes totally
> rewritten GC handling. 5.0.x automatically disables auto GC in all
> repositories and manages it explicitly, and 5.1.x fully removes use of
> "git gc" in favor of running relevant plumbing commands directly.

That's the part that irks me. This shouldn't be necessary - git itself
should make sure auto GC isn't run in parallel. Now I probably can't
evaluate whether a git upgrade would fix this, but given that you
are going the do-gc-ourselves route I suppose it wouldn't.

> Upgrading to 5.x can be a bit of an undertaking, since the major
> version brings API changes,

The upgrade is on my todo list, but there are plugins that don't
appear to be ready for 5.0, notable the jenkins one.


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