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Bug: Git checkout case Insensitive branch name compare

Bugs Details:

Git checkout case Insensitive branch name compare

Steps to Reproduce:

 I have a remote branch which is as shown below.
Example: feature_12345_write.netCodeForSomeFeature

 I used the git command on git bash and typed
"feature_12345_write.NetCodeForSomeFeature" thinking I am mapping
"feature_12345_write.netCodeForSomeFeature" locally.

So after I got the branch locally, I tried git pull and I see the following
"Your configuration specifies to merge with the ref
'refs/heads/feature_12345_write.NetCodeForSomeFeature' from the
remote, but no such ref was fetched.

 Although when I did "git log", it shows proper history for
"feature_12345_write.netCodeForSomeFeature" branch.

However when I use the command "git pull --rebase origin branch" it
says "fatal: Couldn't find remote ref
Because the remote branch has 'n' instead of 'N' in '.net' for branch name.

This is because I used "git checkout branch" instead of "git checkout
branch origin/remote branch name" since the local branch name I wanted
was the same as the remote branch name.

I don't see this in other branches.

I think the command is not considering case sensitivity of characters
in the branch name.


Best Regards,
Kinchit Raja