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Re: enhancement request : If 2 commits to be squashed together do have the same title and comment ...

Toralf Förster <toralf.foerster@xxxxxx> writes:

> ... then jast squsash them w/o questioning.
> Is this a valid RFE ?

In the form, it is valid---sending a message to git@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
is the right way to describe a problem and ask for a help (or better
yet, propose a solution ;-).

I am guessing that you are talking about "squash" in "rebase -i"
command?  If so, instead of saying "squash", you can say "fixup",
which will squish the change into the commit to be corrected while
retaining the log message of it, which makes the new feature you
are looking for unnecessary, I think.

Unless I misunderstood what you want, that is.