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Re: What's cooking in git.git (Jul 2017, #02; Fri, 7)

Kaartic Sivaraam <kaarticsivaraam91196@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Just wanted to know something out of curiosity. How am I actually
> receiving these "What's cooking" emails though I'm not a subscriber to
> the mailing list to which this is being addressed?

By having a contribution listed in the particular issue of the report,
you get BCC'ed to let you know the status of your topic.

> Further, my email address isn't list in the To, Cc or Bcc fields.

That is how a message that is BCC'ed to you is supposed to look
like, isn't it?  The point of blind carbon copy is so that the
recipients do not know to whom the message was BCC'ed, so there are
other people who are getting the message just like you do, but you
do not see who they are (and they do not know you are getting a
copy, either).