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Re: bug report: dates on diff

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Imagine this scenario:
>  - Contributor A writes a change on 2017-07-01 and send it in to me
>  - Contributor B writes a change on 2017-07-03 and send it in to me
>  - I apply change from B on 2017-07-04 on 'master'
>  - I apply change from A on 2017-07-05 on 'master'
>  - You clone the resulting repository from me on 2017-07-06
> Now, you have at the tip of 'master' in your repository the commit
> that records the change by contributor A.
> And there are three times that are relevant to your tip of 'master'.
>  - When was the commit that sits at the tip of 'master' made?
>  - When was the change recorded in that commit made?
>  - When was the commit made at the tip of _your_ 'master'?
> and the answers are 2017-07-01, 2017-07-05 and 2017-07-06, respectively.
> They are called "committer", "author" and "reflog" timestamps.

Oops, obviously the dates have to be 2017-07-05, 2017-07-01 and
2017-07-06.  I made the commit on the 5th (i.e. "committer"
timestamp) that records a change written on the 1st (i.e. "author"