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Re: name-rev: anchor pattern without --exclude?

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Kyle Meyer <kyle@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> [*] A bit more information on why I'm trying to do this: In Magit, we
>>     have a work-in-progress feature that takes "snapshots" of changes
>>     before they are committed.  These snapshots are stored as
>>     "refs/wip/{wtree,index}/<full refname>".
>>     We want to use name-rev to map a commit to a name in "refs/heads/",
>>     ignoring these snapshot refs.
> What is the <full refname> in the above supposed to represent?

It's the current branch, as returned by "git symbolic-ref HEAD".

> When a user sees two refs "refs/wip/{wtree,index}/<full refname>",
> does it mean: "These two represent a snapshot for changes while the
> user was working on this branch"?


> Isn't name-rev a wrong tool to find that information?

Sorry for the confusion.  We're using "symbolic-ref HEAD" to get the
above information.  I was just trying to explain why we're dealing with
ref names that contain a "refs/heads" substring (like
refs/wip/wtree/refs/heads/master in the example I gave).

> What is the answer desired by your application when two or more
> branches point at the same commit you are interested in?  Pick one at
> random?  An error saying it cannot decide where to place the snapshot?

Our use of name-rev is just to get a friendly name for a hash.  If two
branches point to the same commit, we're fine with whatever decision
"git name-rev" makes; we just want to limit it to refs in the
"refs/heads/" namespace.