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Requesting suggestions for a good sample "prepare-commit-msg" hook

Hello all,

There's an attempt in progress to replace the part of the sample
"prepare-commit-msg" hook that comments the "Conflicts" part of a merge
commit message. This is being done as the "Conflicts" portion is
commented by default for quite some time (since 2014) and thus the
script in the hook is useless.

It's worth noting that it was the only part of the sample hook that
*wasn't* commented by default i.e., it was the only portion of the
sample hook that could be used just by enabling it by renaming the
hook. So, just removing that portion of the solution wouldn't be a
solution as it wouldn't be nice to have a whole sample hook to be
commented for various reasons. So, we're searching for scripts that
could both be  helpful to users and could serve as a good sample to
prove what could be done using the hooks.

In case anyone has any suggestions about what could prove to be an
alternative please send them in!