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[PATCH v2 5/6] fsmonitor: add documentation for the fsmonitor extension.

This includes the core.fsmonitor setting, the query-fsmonitor hook,
and the fsmonitor index extension.

Signed-off-by: Ben Peart <benpeart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Documentation/config.txt                 |  7 +++++++
 Documentation/githooks.txt               | 23 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 Documentation/technical/index-format.txt | 18 ++++++++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 48 insertions(+)

diff --git a/Documentation/config.txt b/Documentation/config.txt
index 96e9cf8b73..4ffbf0d4c2 100644
--- a/Documentation/config.txt
+++ b/Documentation/config.txt
@@ -389,6 +389,13 @@ core.protectNTFS::
 	8.3 "short" names.
 	Defaults to `true` on Windows, and `false` elsewhere.
+	If set to true, call the query-fsmonitor hook proc which will
+	identify all files that may have had changes since the last
+	request. This information is used to speed up operations like
+	'git commit' and 'git status' by limiting what git must scan to
+	detect changes.
 	If false, the ctime differences between the index and the
 	working tree are ignored; useful when the inode change time
diff --git a/Documentation/githooks.txt b/Documentation/githooks.txt
index 706091a569..f7b4b4a844 100644
--- a/Documentation/githooks.txt
+++ b/Documentation/githooks.txt
@@ -448,6 +448,29 @@ The commits are guaranteed to be listed in the order that they were
 processed by rebase.
+This hook is invoked when the configuration option core.fsmonitor is
+set and git needs to identify changed or untracked files.  It takes
+a single argument which is the time in elapsed seconds since midnight,
+January 1, 1970.
+The hook should output to stdout the list of all files in the working
+directory that may have changed since the requested time.  The logic
+should be inclusive so that it does not miss any potential changes.
+The paths should be relative to the root of the working directory
+and be separated by a single NUL.
+Git will limit what files it checks for changes as well as which
+directories are checked for untracked files based on the path names
+The exit status determines whether git will use the data from the
+hook to limit its search.  On error, it will fall back to verifying
+all files and folders.
 Part of the linkgit:git[1] suite
diff --git a/Documentation/technical/index-format.txt b/Documentation/technical/index-format.txt
index ade0b0c445..b002d23c05 100644
--- a/Documentation/technical/index-format.txt
+++ b/Documentation/technical/index-format.txt
@@ -295,3 +295,21 @@ The remaining data of each directory block is grouped by type:
     in the previous ewah bitmap.
   - One NUL.
+== File System Monitor cache
+  The file system monitor cache tracks files for which the query-fsmonitor
+  hook has told us about changes.  The signature for this extension is
+  { 'F', 'S', 'M', 'N' }.
+  The extension starts with
+  - 32-bit version number: the current supported version is 1.
+  - 64-bit time: the extension data reflects all changes through the given
+	time which is stored as the seconds elapsed since midnight, January 1, 1970.
+  - 32-bit bitmap size: the size of the CE_FSMONITOR_DIRTY bitmap.
+  - An ewah bitmap, the n-th bit indicates whether the n-th index entry