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Re: [PATCH 1/2] refs: Add for_each_worktree_ref for iterating over all worktree HEADs

On 05/17, Manish Goregaokar wrote:
> Oh, btw, refs.c needs an #include "worktree.h" to work; I didn't get a
> chance to test this after rebasing onto the maint branch.
> (There's also another fix it needs to have no warnings, but that's not
> going to affect building). I have this fixed locally, but I'll wait
> for the rest of the review before pushing them up.
> -Manish Goregaokar

Just as an fyi, its usually fine to send out a path RFC (request for
comments) or WIP (Work in Progress) which compiles with warnings (or
maybe not at all) and which doesn't pass all tests.  If you do that just
make sure to indicate as such.

Though if you are sending out a patch which you want to be seriously
reviewed and ultimately merged then the best practice is to ensure that
it compiles without warnings and that all tests pass.  I'm definitely
guilty of this occasionally (no one's perfect!) but I'm just hoping to
provide you with some of the expectations we have.

I'm assuming you're newer to the community, so Welcome! Take a load off
and stay a while :)

Brandon Williams