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Re: [PATCH 17/23] get_packed_ref_cache(): assume "packed-refs" won't change while locked

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 5:05 AM, Michael Haggerty <mhagger@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If we've got the "packed-refs" file locked, then it can't change;
> there's no need to keep calling `stat_validity_check()` on it.

This change will work in a world where all Git implementations
obey a lock. If there is at least one implementation that doesn't
care about the existence of lock files we may introduce a race

I am not sure if it is worth to be extra careful in the common case
though. But I could imagine some people using a git repo on an
NFS concurrently with different implementations and one of them
is an old / careless lock-ignoring implementation.

My opinion is not strong enough that I'd veto such a patch
just food for thought.