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Re: t5545: reduced test coverage

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It appears to me that only a few tests in the entire script wants to
> work with HTTP server, so perhaps moving them to the end, together
> with the inclusion of lib-httpd and start_httpd that 438fc684 ("push
> options: pass push options to the transport helper", 2017-02-08)
> introduced, may be sufficient?

Probably not, as lib-httpd, when it gives up, does the
"skip_all=message; test_done" thing, which makes test_done
to trigger this:

	# Maybe print SKIP message
	if test -n "$skip_all" && test $test_count -gt 0
		error "Can't use skip_all after running some tests"

So a bit more work is needed, than just moving things around, I am