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[Bug] git branch -v has problems with carriage returns


I upgraded to git v2.13.0 and since then git branch -v has problems
with carriage returns in subject lines.

We are using gitlab (not the newest version). So this bug (It's about
carriage returns in auto-generated merge messages (\r\n)) is not yet
fixed in our version:
That's were the carriage returns are coming from.

In my specific case the auto-generated merge message has three lines
with empty lines in between.
So every line ends with `\r\n\r\n`

If I do `git branch -v` with such a subject line somehow the third and
second line get combined before the hash. Example:

$ git branch -v
See merge request !XXXX temp space 84e18d22fd Merge branch
'feature-XXX' into 'develop'
# <begins with third line> <ending of seconds line (if longer than
third)> <commit hash (correct)> <subject line (correct)>

Before git v2.13.0 `git branch -v` worked completely normal.

I was not able to create a minimal local example, because my manually
created \r\n in commit messages were transformed into \n\n

Please let me know if I can provide any more information that would be helpful.