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Re: git rebase regression: cannot pass a shell expression directly to --exec

Jeff King wrote:
>>> On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 11:25:03PM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

>>>> One hack would be to look for BASH_FUNC_* in the environment and disable
>>>> the optimization in that case. I think that would make your case Just
>>>> Work. It doesn't help other oddball cases, like:
>> Hm.  execvp explicitly does this when it hits ENOEXEC, but not for
>> ENOENT.  Do you know why that is?
> When execvp(foo) falls back on ENOEXEC, it is not running "sh -c foo".
> It is actually running "sh foo" to run the script contents.

Oh --- now I get it.  This is about the optimization to bypass the shell
in prepare_shell_command.  It has nothing to do with execvp --- our
execvp emulation already does the right thing, and Brandon's patches
did not make this problem any worse or better.

Unconditionally falling back to sh -c when we get ENOENT in the
RUN_USING_SHELL case makes sense to me.

Sorry for the confusion,