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reversion in GIT_COMMON_DIR refs path

Bisecting this test suite failure
I landed on commit f57f37e2e1bf11ab4cdfd221ad47e961ba9353a0 to git.

It seems that changed resolving refs paths when GIT_DIR and GIT_COMMON_DIR
are both set. While before refs were looked for in GIT_COMMON_DIR,
now they're not.

Test case:

set -e
set -x
rm -rf testdir
git init testdir
cd testdir
echo 1 > foo
git add foo
git commit -m add
mkdir dummy
mkdir dummy/overlay
cp .git/index .git/HEAD dummy/overlay
#cp .git/refs .git/packed-refs dummy/overlay -a
cd dummy
export GIT_COMMON_DIR=`pwd`/../.git
export GIT_DIR=`pwd`/overlay
git rev-parse --git-path refs/heads/master
git show refs/heads/master

This script succeeds with git 2.11.0, but with 2.13.0, it fails:

fatal: ambiguous argument 'refs/heads/master': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.

It seems to be failing to look up refs in GIT_COMMON_DIR.
Note that uncommenting the commented out line in the script, to copy the refs
into GIT_DIR, makes it succeed.

git rev-parse --git-path refs/heads/master shows the GIT_COMMON_DIR/refs path
still (as gitrepository-layout documents). So this reversion made
different parts of git disagreeing about the refs path.