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t5545: reduced test coverage

Hi Junio,

I noticed, when comparing the test-suite output from v2.12.0
versus v2.13.0-rc0 on cygwin, that t5545-push-options.sh was
no longer being run. (Well, now being skipped because it can't
find a web-server). Prior to commit 438fc68462 ("push options:
pass push options to the transport helper", 08-02-2017), this
test file ran three tests on 'local remotes'.

[I used to test with apache on Linux, but during an OS upgrade
(some time ago) I decided not to install apache just for the
git test-suite. (I used to run webgit and cgit, but no more!)]

I suppose it is not a major reduction in test coverage, but I
don't recall any discussion about it and I wondered if it was
by accident or design.

Ramsay Jones