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Re: [PATCH] interpret-trailers: obey scissors lines

Alright, I've made a new patch based on this feedback:

* make indentation consistent with rest of test file again
* rename function to wt_status_locate_end()
* rephrase commit message; add paragraph about wt_status_locate_end()
* s/scissors/cut line/
* Signed-off-by: me

> The mention of "'commit -v -s' works that way, too" was my attempt
> to justify why it is OK to make this change unconditionally to
> intepret-trailers, but I am still not 100% convinced with that
> reasoning (or your original log message) that it is a safe thing to
> do.  It is not like its sole purpose is to serve as GIT_EDITOR for
> the "git commit" command.

Yup, this is a heuristic and it will sometimes hit false.  But a far
more grievous heuristic is ignoring all lines that begin with '#', yet
we do that anyway for its convenience in editing commit messages.  Since
we already *partially* honor commit message syntax in
interpret-trailers, we might as well *completely* honor it by parsing
cut lines as well.  At least, that's my reasoning.