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Re: How to force a pull to succeed?

Jeffrey Walton <noloader@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I scp'd a file to another machine for testing. The change tested OK,
> so I checked it in on the original machine.
> ...
> How do I force the pull to succeed?

Git doesn't know (or care) if you "scp"ed a file from a known to be
good place, or if you modified it in the editor.  When it notices
that there are differences you may rather not to lose in these files
(because they are different from HEAD), it refrains from touching

So the way to go forward is for you to make sure that you do not
have such local changes in the repository that your "pull" is trying
to touch.  An easiest way would be to do

	git checkout HEAD -- <paths>..

before doing a "git pull" to clear the damage you caused manually
with your "scp".