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Re: Is it possible to use new conditional includes outside of git dir?

On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 8:09 PM, Mihails Strasuns
<mihails.strasuns@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was very excited to try out new conditional include feature but have
> quickly found out that it doesn't work with some of my custom scripts
> because of the following behaviour:
> # .gitconfig
> [includeIf "gitdir:~/work/"]
> path = ~/.gitconfig.work
> [user]
> name1 = Someone
> # .gitconfig.work
> [user]
> name2 = SomeoneElse
> $ cd ~/work; git config user.name1 # "Someone"
> $ cd ~/work ; git config user.name2 # <nothing>
> I see that it matches current `git config` documentation - indeed, it
> mentions only matching on git directory and not arbitrary file path. I
> wonder though, if this limitation is intentional and what is the
> rationale behind it?

It's intentional, but in the "that's how this works" sense, not "we'll
never add what you just asked for".

This came up on list last week:

So I'd like to ask you the same question I asked Raphael in that thread.