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Re: [PATCH] interpret-trailers: obey scissors lines

> One, we'd usually use "\EOF" here unless you
> really do want to interpolate inside the here document.

Fixed, and I learned something new.

> And two, we usually indent the contents to the same level as the outer
> cat/EOF pair


I was indenting the same as the other tests in that file. But if the way
you described is the preferred way, then sure.

> Another way to think of it is still as a truncation. Our strip_suffix()
> helper behaves quite similarly to this (not actually writing into the
> buffer, but returning the new length). Perhaps something like
> "wt_status_strip_scissors" would work.

I agree the name was pretty awkward. I was trying to avoid using the
word "truncate" or "strip", since it doesn't make any change to the
buffer. But if strip_suffix() is already around it shouldn't be to

I've now renamed it to "wt_status_strip_scissors".