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Re: [PATCH] usage.c: drop set_error_handle()

On 05/12, Jeff King wrote:
> The set_error_handle() function was introduced by 3b331e926
> (vreportf: report to arbitrary filehandles, 2015-08-11) so
> that run-command could send post-fork, pre-exec errors to
> the parent's original stderr.
> That use went away in 79319b194 (run-command: eliminate
> calls to error handling functions in child, 2017-04-19),
> which pushes all of the error reporting to the parent.
> This leaves no callers of set_error_handle(). As we're not
> likely to add any new ones, let's drop it.
> Signed-off-by: Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx>

Looks good to me!


Brandon Williams