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Re: Best "triangle" workflow setup?

On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 02:41:41PM -0500, Robert Dailey wrote:

> What I want (as a default) is for `git pull` to pull from the
> same-named branch on the upstream repository, but for `git push` to
> push to the same-named branch on the fork repository. However to
> override this behavior for when I want to push directly to upstream
> repo, I should be able to use an explicit `git push origin my-topic`
> (but `git push` by default will act as `git push fork my-topic`).

I think you want:

  default = current
  pushDefault = myfork

to make "git push" do what you want. And then generally have branches
mark their counterparts on "origin" (which you can do either at creation
time, or probably by using "git push -u origin my-topic" when you push

This is similar to what I do for my git.git workflow, though I usually
have origin/master as the branch's upstream. I.e., I'd create them with:

  git checkout -b my-topic origin

And then rebasing always happens on top of master (because "origin"
doesn't even have my topic branch at all). If I want to compare with
what I've pushed to my fork, I'd use "@{push}".