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Re: [PATCH] refs.h: rename submodule arguments to submodule_path

Stefan Beller <sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> + Junio

Just like Michael, I do not have strong enough opinion for or
against this patch to comment on it.

I do agree with you that it would be a good longer-term direction to
use "submodule" for a "struct submodule" (i.e. submodule object),
and call a string that names a submodule either "submodule_name" or
"submodule_path" depending on how it names one, for maintainability
of the code.  

However I am not convinced that this patch is an improvement.  Even
though parameter names in decls only serve documentation purpose and
it is even OK to only have type without name there, if we are going
to _have_ names, it would make sense to match them to the parameter
names actually used in the implementation.  

Updating these names used in refs.c would make a very noisy patch,
of course.  But I am not sure if it is a good middle ground to avoid
that and to update only refs.h.