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Re: [BUG] test suite broken with GIT_TEST_SPLIT_INDEX

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 09:52:14PM +0100, Thomas Gummerer wrote:

> I just tried to run the test suite with GIT_TEST_SPLIT_INDEX=YesPlease
> and noticed that a few tests are broken both in pu and master.
> [...]
> Bisecting between master and v2.10.0 leads me to the merge commit
> 94c9b5af70 ("Merge branch 'cc/split-index-config'", 2017-03-17).

Hmm. It looks like the fix from:


hasn't been merged yet. That would possibly explain the problems on
master, but I think it _is_ in pu. So maybe this is something else.