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Your In-Person Representation Needed (US/Canada)

Shougang Group
45 Huagong Road Xinji City,
Hebei Province China.
webpage: www.shougang.com.cn

This is an official request for Professional/consultants who will stand as
our regional representative to run logistics on behalf of Shougang Group.
We are only looking for individual or company from USA and Canada. You
will be entitle to ten percent (10%) of every payment you receive from our
customers in your region on behalf of the company.

NOTE: You are not require to travel, all communications with our customers
will be through email or phone. All fees, including taxes will be handled
by us.

You can apply for this position by filling the information below and send
back to us;

Full Name:
Residential or office address:
Zip code:
Current Job:
If you own a company, please state the company name:
Preferred Email:

If you have a current job, you can still be part of our business, as
services for us will not bother with your hours of work.

Mr. Zhu Jimin (Chief Executive Officer)
Shougang Group.