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Re: [PATCH] repack: respect gc.pid lock

On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 05:08:14PM +0000, David Turner wrote:

> On 64-bit systems, I think core.packedGitLimit doesn't make a 
> lot of sense. There is plenty of address space.  Why not use it?

That's my gut feeling, too. I'd have a slight worry that the OS's paging
behavior may respond differently if we have more memory mapped. But
that's not based on numbers, just a fear of the unknown. :)

If we have infinite windows anyway, I suspect we could just mmap entire
packfiles and forget about all the window complexity in the first place.
Although IIRC some operating systems take a long time to set up large
mmaps, and we may only need a small part of a large pack.

> I'll ask our git server administrator to adjust core.packedGitLimit
> and turn repacks back on to see if that fixes the issue.

Thanks. Let us know if you get any results, either way.