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Re: Feature request: --format=json

On 18 April 2017 at 10:44, Fred .Flintstone <eldmannen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well the easiest way to work with that would be JSON.
> So the best would be if Git could output the data I want in JSON format.
> Then it would be easy for me to work with data.
> With git rev-list and git-cat file, its not so easy to reliably parse
> that output.

Doesn't seem too hard to work with rev-list to me. As far as I can
tell the following produces what  you want. You need perl installed
obviously, and the JSON::PP module is required, but should come
bundled with recent perls.

git rev-list master --pretty=raw | perl -MJSON::PP=encode_json
-ane'if(/^(\w+) (.*)/) { if ($1 eq "commit") { push @objs, $o if $o;
$o={}; } $o->{$1} = $2; } else { $o->{text} .= $_; } END{ push @objs,
$o if $o; for $o (@objs) { s/^    //mg, s/^\n// for $o->{text};
($o->{message},$o->{long_message})= split /\n\n/, delete $o->{text}; }
print JSON::PP->new->pretty->encode(\@objs);}'

You might consider an alternative approach than stating that working
with JSON is "the easiest", especially to people who clearly are
making do without it. :-)

A better argument might be that exposing data through a well defined
and widely used and simple data format would trivially expand the
range of projects that might interoperate with git or enhance the git
ecosystem. For instance you could argue that having clean JSON output
would make it easier to integrate into search engines and other
indexing tools that already know how to speak JSON. Maybe a regular
contributor on this list might agree with your arguments and make it

Until then you can parse rev-list like the rest of us. :-)