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Re: [PATCH] Documentation/git-checkout: make doc. of checkout <tree-ish> clearer

"Philip Oakley" <philipoakley@xxxxxxx> writes:

>>> If we'd created and added a file d just before the checkout, what
>>> should
>>> have happened to d, and why?
>> I understand what the command does. It behaves perfectly as I expected
>> it to. I did not find this script but wrote it to demonstrate that what
>> the documentation says is different from how it behaves after having
>> read what the documentation says it should do and noticing that that's
>> not how I expected it to work from experience.
>> What it really does is to copy all files described by the given paths
>> from the given tree-ish to the working directory. Or at least that's my
>> expectation of what it does.
>> The documentation, however, says that the given paths are *restored*.
>> This is different.
> I don't see that difference in the phrase *restored*, compared to your
> 'copy all files described by the given paths'. Could you explain a
> little more?

I am obviously not Christoph, and I was the one that defined how
"checkout <tree> -- <pathspec>" should work, but when you say
"restore" (which is not what I wrote ;-)) it is fair to expect lack
of 'd' could also be "restored", in addition to path that was in the

Obviously, "grab all paths that match <pathspec> out of <tree>, add
them to the index and copy them out to the working tree" will never
be able to _restore_ the lack of 'd', even it may match the
<pathspec> being used to do this checkout, by removing it from the
current index and the working tree.