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Re: [PATCH] Make git log work for git CWD outside of work tree

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

>> cwd with prefix. I was kinda hoping "super prefix" would solve it, but
>> that one seems designed specifically for submodules.
> Ah, right. I think the issue is that "prefix" really serves two uses.
> For things like command-line arguments, we use to find the original path
> after we've moved. But we also use it for "where in the working tree
> are we".
> So with an out-of-tree cwd, we'd want to set the first one to the real
> path ("../../whatever" or even just an absolute path), but the second
> one would probably be empty (i.e., just pretend that we started from the
> top-level).
> But that would require first refactoring all of the cmd_* functions to
> handle those prefixes separately.

Yes, I am still kinda hoping that the "super prefix" thing will
address the separation of the two uses, though.