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Feature request: Configurable branch colors in git status --short --branch

It would be nice if the branch, remote tracking branch, and branch commit comparison count colors in git status --short --branch were configurable like the other git status colors.

Example command output:

$ git status --short --branch
## master...origin/master [ahead 1]
M  wrapper.c
M ws.c
M wt-status.c

In the above example, "master", "origin/master", and "1" (in "ahead 1") use git's standard red and green colors. I have configured the staged and unstaged modification markers (the M's) to use brighter green and red, and I would like to configure the branch info to also use those brighter colors. However, there is currently no option (color slot for git status in git config) to change the branch colors in git status --short --branch.

(See the attached screenshot or http://i.imgur.com/evqgaRd.png to see the colors I am talking about.)


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